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Fresh Starts operate the school canteen. The canteen will be open at both Breaks 1 and 2.

To order a lunch order you will need to order online through the Flexischools App or lunch orders are to be written on a paper bag with your child’s name, class and order. The correct money would be appreciated. If change is to be given it will be taped to the outside of the bag and returned to the child when lunches are collected. Lunch baskets containing children’s orders are sent to the canteen by 8.15 am each day. Crates are returned to the classroom at 10.15 am daily.

Our canteen follows the NSW Government’s 'Healthy School Canteen Strategy', ensuring a wide variety of foods with good nutritional value are on offer to our students encouraging them to make healthier food choices.

Our policy for the canteen supports the need for healthy food. Due to safety concerns, children are not permitted to be in the canteen. No child is expected to have more than $10 at school without a written note.


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