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Caring for the Whole Child

Catholic schools are founded on the person of Jesus Christ. At St Clare’s, all members of the school community, students, parents and staff members should encounter Christ through their interactions with others.


Integral to an effective approach towards the pastoral care of students within a school, is the provision of quality learning and teaching, for this ensures the best opportunities in life regardless of circumstances. At times, however, students require further intervention and support from personnel both within and outside of the school.

At St Clare’s, we aim to:

  • respect the basic dignity of the human person
  • use the values of Jesus as a means of living out daily life
  • adopt an approach to develop the whole child including the spiritual, academic, social and emotional formation of the individual
  • include care structures which identify and support the special needs of the individual including learning, behavioural and social and emotional needs
  • recognise the need to involve parents in the education of their children
  • provide support and care to those families at significant events in their lives
  • build a school culture that is positive and welcoming through shared responsibility and collaborative supportive networks amongst parents, staff members and students
  • promote a safe environment for all members of the community where people feel valued and respected.
View our CEDoW Student Pastoral Care and Wellbeing Policy


Student wellbeing is of the utmost importance at St Clare's. We are eager to ensure that all our students enjoy a healthy mind, body and spirit, and we integrate a number of programs to support this.

Seasons for Growth

There may be times in a student’s life when they experience grief or loss, St Clare’s is equipped to respond to this need through a program called Seasons for Growth. The program is available to all students, however the program operates within three stages, with Stage 1 involving Years 1 and 2 students, Stage 2 involving Year 3 and 4 students and Stage 3 involving students from Year 5 and 6. To operate effectively, Seasons for Growth requires a small group (minimum 4 students for each level). This program is facilitated by a trained staff member over an 8 week period during school time. Consultation between the parent or caregiver and the school would occur before the student begins this program.

Buddy System

Each class is paired with another class for the school year. Time is allocated throughout a term for the students from buddy classes to work together. The children spend time reading together, doing craft and getting to know one another. 

Kids Club

To support certain individuals and groups within our school we provide indoor structured play experiences. This opportunity is provided to the students in the library one break per day.

Visits by Mater Dei Students

As part of the Inclusion Program offered at Mater Dei Catholic School, St Clare’s welcomes special needs students into our community and representatives attend a matinee performance of their yearly concert. This provides an opportunity for Mater Dei students to work with and learn from their mainstream peers, and for the St Clare’s students to understand the gifts and talents of Mater Dei students, while valuing the importance of acceptance and respect for others.

CatholicCare Counselling

Counselling for children and their families is also available from CatholicCare. A school counsellor visits the school regularly for individual sessions as well as advising and supporting staff on appropriate programs for small groups and classes. Read more about the school counselling available to students.

If a staff member or parent feels that counselling may help a student, they need to discuss this with the principal who may discuss this with the counsellor and/or parent and arrange the appropriate permission forms and questionnaires to be completed by parents and staff.


Living as an authentically Catholic community, we strive to be welcoming, inclusive and compassionate to all. In addition to the wellbeing of students at St Clare's, the pastoral care and wellbeing of our parents and families is important to us and gives witness to our Catholic faith in action.

When families are in need of extra assistance, whether financial, emotional or otherwise, the school is here to provide support to families in a variety of ways while maintaining confidentiality and dignity.

Families are encouraged to speak with the principal or a member of the school leadership team if they feel they need support of any kind.

Read more about our partnership with parents in the Parent-School Partnership Framework